The Humble Hive

The Humble Hive comes as a complete kit minus the bees. Unlike the Langstroth style hive, the top bar hive doesn’t need a plethora of expensive accessories.

Let’s go over each of the components included with the Humble Hive:

  • The Main hive body including integrated bottom board + slatted rack
  • 18 top bar + 3 extra (just in case)
  • Two follower boards: one for regular use and another designed for in-hive feeding
  • Warm season entrance reducer
  • Winter entrance reducer
  • OAV treatment entrance reducer
  • Quilting frame
  • Outer hive cover
  • Top bar observation holder
  • Bottom board scraper
  • 1 ounce bar of 100% pure beeswax for priming your top bars