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Welcome to my hands-on courses page at the Southern Appalachian School of Apiculture!

Whether you already have bees of your own or are hoping to start soon…I can help. My 18+ years of experience has a lot of trial and error because let’s face it, beekeeping isn’t easy and it can be costly!

But I can honestly say that after having apprenticed for 15 years that I can see why the bees aren’t doing so well. Would you like to know why?

It’s because the majority of today’s beekeepers are using completely UNSUSTAINABLE methods.

No longer! Join me at my home apiary and I will show you how and why I do not suffer high losses and how I keep Varroa Mites at very manageable levels as well as keeping other hive pests & diseases at bay.

I’ll teach you how to make splits so that you never have to buy package bees again (hopefully). Would you like to increase your colony populations? How about a sustainable harvest?

During the summer of 2019, I harvested (sustainably) almost 2000 pounds of honey from just 25 hives. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. It’s just learning how to work with the bees instead of making them work for you. The difference is Apicentric vs. Anthropocentric:

Apicentric beekeeping is placing the well-being of the honey bee first vs. Anthropocentric beekeeping which is placing the convenience of the the beekeeper first.

Bee-Native is a method of beekeeping that represents two things:

  1. A method of beekeeping built on experience that doesn’t overwhelm the local ecology with too many honey bee hives so that the native bees can thrive too. Too many honey bees is a very real problem and has created competition for available forage.
  2. My Native American Tipi was my first ‘wood shop’ for hand-crafting all of my hive equipment.

Click on any of the courses below to view course descriptions and dates. If you have any questions about anything, contact me personally here on my Contact page! I hope to see you soon!! Read about my teaching style here.

*Learn more about the principles that found the Southern Appalachian School of Apiculture (SASA) here.

*NOTE: all courses are subject to modifications due to weather…the one thing beekeepers can’t do anything about. 🙂 I will be in communication with all students regarding weather and its impact on our courses.

*Introduction to Sustainable Beekeeping course:

-It can be very confusing and quite intimidating knowing how to ‘bee’ a beekeeper. What kind of equipment should you get? How much does it cost? What should you look for during a hive inspection? Learn these things and much more in person! I’ll show you the ropes….Click below to learn more.

3-course Seasonal bundle:

-Sign up for all three seasonal courses at once and save your spot and save money! This course includes the Spring Buildup course, Summer-time Management course and the Fall/Winter preparation course. Each course is separate at the dates of your choosing but you save by booking all three now with one easy payment!

Spring Buildup Course:

-Spring is the time of year to set you and your hives up for a successful year. Would you like to learn how to get bees? How do you catch or trap a swarm? Maybe you want to learn how to make splits, and stop buying package bees? What should a beehive look like in Spring? Learn how to use the colony’s spring activities to your advantage, plus more…Click below to learn more!

Summer-time Beekeeping course:

-Are you interested in pollination or harvesting a honey crop? How much honey should you harvest? How much should you leave for the bees? How should you manage ‘robbing’ during a honey dearth? Summer can be a difficult time of year to manage everything but it doesn’t have to be, I’ll show you how…Click below to learn more!

Fall/Winter Preparations:

-Fall is the time of year to start prepping your hives for a successful winter. How much brood and honey should they have? Will they be warm enough? Should you wrap them? What about Varroa mites? Learn more about how to set your hives up for winter so that you will see them again next spring…Click below to learn more!

Foraging Plants Identification Course:

-Would you like to feel more confident about knowing the condition of your bees? What if I told you that 50% of Successful beekeeping was knowing about the very plants that feed them? Do you know what ‘Incoming Nectar’ means versus a Honey/Nectar flow? Are you in a dearth or do you know what’s about to bloom and for how long? Up your beekeeping game level by learning about our native environment…Click below to learn more!

Gift Voucher

-Gift someone and experience they’ll never forget! Do you know anyone interested in beekeeping? Or perhaps someone who is struggling with their own hives? Give them a Voucher, they choose the course, and who knows where they’ll go! Click below to learn more…

Need an ‘on-call’ Beekeeping Mentor?

-That’s right! Serving a portion of the north Georgia mountains, I can guide you through anything that has to do with beekeeping. Installing package bees, catching swarms, grafting queens, harvesting honey, or simply helping identify the inner workings of a colony…Click the button below to learn more!

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