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How many of you have a mentor by your side to guide you through the trials & errors of beekeeping? Perhaps beekeeping isn’t even a big thing where you’re located so you may be alone.

Imagine having an experienced beekeeper by your side to show you what to do and what NOT to do. Since we are not all privy to such benefits that’s why I’m creating a platform using Patreon to offer virtual mentorship to those who struggle.

If you would like a beekeeping mentor then you can learn more below about what’s in it for you!

As many of you already know, I had the rare advantage of apprenticing under a mentor for 15 years before setting off on my own.

I had no investment in equipment, feed, or any other costs. Virtually I had nothing to lose even though I witnessed plenty of loss.

But that is not the case for most people dabbling with this unique hobby.

Beekeeping can be expensive and the time it takes to learn it requires a huge learning curve. What if your bees die in your first year? Or they never make it through winter and you’re constantly starting from scratch every spring?

Sure, there’s lots of beekeeping books and YouTube channels out there but they pretty much repeat the same type of information over and over.

It’s time for something that offers you Real Solutions for Real Problems.

Here’s how it works…

No matter where you are in beekeeping, everyone is at a different experience level. So how can you get information and direct guidance that applies to your experience level?

Patreon offers different tiers (levels). And in those tiers I have tailored four of them so that you can choose which one best suits your needs.

So let’s get into it!

Tier #1- Best of the Basics

Don’t let the name fool you…you’ll be getting more than the basics found in beekeeping books. But the name is accurate when it says the ‘Best!’

Using video, images and articles, only YOU will have access to things like the following:

  • Equipment breakdown: an explanation and demonstration of the most common beekeeping equipment for Langstroth and Top Bar hive styles.
  • Learn what equipment you need and what you don’t…there’s no need to spend money on things you don’t need
  • Exactly what to look for during a hive inspection and how to do one properly
  • I’ll teach you the best non-invasive beekeeping techniques, otherwise known as the 7 Methods of Minimal Disturbance
  • You’ll learn methods of sustainable beekeeping including honey harvesting
  • Wanna learn how to harvest honey and make it ready for bottling? Perhaps you’re also interested in processing beeswax from start to finish
  • There’s going to be so much more than I’ve mentioned here…but you can learn more about Best of the Basics here
Hive inspections are key to understanding, learning and gaining the experience you need to ‘bee’ successful. Photo by Jonathan Hargus©

Tier #2- Seasonal beekeeping activities & management

Including everything offered in the first Tier, this level also gives you much more…

One of the reasons that beekeeping can be so challenging to keep up with is because the colony’s activities and needs change according to the season.

Imagine knowing what to do before you needed to do it! That is one of the keys to being a successful beekeeper. We’re always thinking and preparing one season ahead.

It’s very important to understand Spring beekeeping activities. The bees start building up in strength right out of the gate.

Spring is the time of year where you will learn how to things like:

  • The first hive inspection of the year; knowing what to look for is so crucial
  • Knowing if you need to emergency feed or not and how
  • Learn how to tell if there’s enough Incoming Nectar for your hives
  • Perhaps you’re installing package bees for the first time…learn how here!
  • Making splits from your own beehives is one of the most important, cost-saving tasks you can learn
  • When and how should you treat for Varroa mite? American Foul Brood? Nosema? and more…

Summer-management is just as important:

  • How much should/can you harvest without harming your hives?
  • What should you do to prevent robbing?
  • Should you be feeding? Why or why not?
  • How do you extract honey from Langstroth and Top Bar hives?

Fall/Winter preparations are actually setting your hives up for a successful winter:

  • What’s blooming in your area that offers enough forage for your bees to collect enough before winter time?
  • Should you harvest honey in the fall?
  • How much honey do your bees need?

There’s going to be tons more information available as the seasons unfold.

Click here to learn more about Seasonal beekeeping activities & management.

Seasonal management includes many tasks. Photo by Jonathan Hargus©

Tier #3- Beyond the Basics

Not only does this tier offer Beyond the Basics but it also includes everything in the first two tiers as well!

The main purpose of this tier is to provide you with an in-depth resource on how to tackle very specific beekeeping challenges. Things like:

  • What to do with a drone-layer hive
  • How to fix a queenless hive
  • How to create quality comb honey
  • What to do when honey crystallizes
  • How to tackle hive beetles and wax moths
  • Catching and trapping swarms
  • And oh, so much more!

Learn more about the third tier, Beyond the Basics- Real Solutions by clicking here!

Larvae from the Small Hive Beetle are not only destructive to a colony of honey bees but they’re really gross too! Photo by Jonathan Hargus©

Tier #4- VIP Mailing List

This tier includes all content offered in the first three tiers!

This tier is really fun because on top of getting everything in the first three tiers, I will be mailing out an 8oz. bottle of honey to you every month. Sometimes the honey variety will be the same and sometimes it will vary.

Learn more about the VIP mailing list here!

What are you waiting for? Choose the level that works best for you and get started!

Comment below with any questions or if you need clarification. I’ll be more than happy to help.

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Thanks so much and until next time remember,

~Weeds are Wildflowers, let them Bee!~

Jonathan Hargus/your virtual beekeeping mentor

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  1. Wow Jonathan what a fantastic site! I am really proud of you that you have put this together. It reads so well that I am inspired to do the training … even though I live in Australia.

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